Winter la dolce vita with Lurisia

We entered the new year with gray skies and cold temperatures outdoor and as summer might feel very distant right now, there is still a way to get la dolce vita feeling while spending winter days in the city – with Lurisia Premium Soft Drinks.

A bit about the brand

The history of Lurisia reaches back to 1900 and the legend has it that a miner discovered the spring in the town of Lurisia: with one blow of an axe, he let water come out of the rock which not only proved to be excellent to drink but “miraculous” in quickly healing sores and wounds. As the Lurisia spa opened in 1940, only ten years later Lurisia water started being bottled and entered the great journey of its success. Soft drinks were born later, in 2008, inspired by authentic recipes of the Italian tradition, with raw materials deriving from different regions of Italy. ChinottoGazzosa, Aranciata and Acqua Tonica are the first products to be marketed.

The iconic tastes

Chinotto was born on the Western Ligurian Riviera, where since 1500, the myrtle-leaved orange trees have been grown. The infusion obtained from this citrus fruit gives the drink an unique taste capable of releasing intense aromas.

Gazzosa has a unique taste that comes from a recipe dating back to the 1950s – they use a variety of lemons that have been frown on the terraces of the Amalfi coast – the famous Amalfi symbol – juicy and semi-sweet sfusato lemon.

Its unique flavour comes from the Gargano area, where the Apulian oranges grow on trees between the green land and blue sea.

Where to enjoy la dolce vita with Lurisia in Basel:

Lora Basel (Centralbahnstrasse 10, Basel)
This modern and elegant spot at SBB serves authentic dishes from Italian cuisine and has a range of Lurisia drinks in their menu. The food and Lurisia drinks make a perfect combination of flavours.

Damatti Bar Bistro (Kirchgasse 1, Basel)
it should be your choice for an afterwork apero or Pinsa Romana that will perfectly compliment elegant ad refined flavours of Lurisia Drinks.

Astro Fries (Feldbergstrasse 72, Basel)
This hip spot in Kleinbasel allows you to enjoy Lurisia drinks in a vibrant atmosphere as a side to the tasty fries, served with variety of toppings.

At home
With Lurisia’s aromatic and refined flavours, you don’t actually need much to enjoy it: serve it cold and pair it with simple apero board or some salty snacks, invite friends or have a movie night and enjoy the Italian-style serata just like we did a few days ago. Lurisia drinks are available in most of the stores across Switzerland (both Migros and Coop) and also online ( for example :)). Salute!

This post was written in paid collaboration with Lurisia. All opinions are authentically my own.


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