Seeburghof Luzern – a stay on a Swiss farm

A few weeks ago we were invited to escape the city and try an agritourism experience here in Switzerland. Below you’ll find information about the property we stayed at and more information about what to expect when staying at a Swiss farm.

About Seeburghof Luzern

Seeburghof is a small bio farm in Lucerne dating back to 1584. It’s located very close to the city, yet far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life, on a hill overlooking the lake, surrounded by vineyards and pastures filled with Scottish Highland cattle. It’s really scenic and lovely there. The property is run by the farm owners, so you get a personal welcome, a tour of the property and get to learn about the history of the place and the products they make.

The property offers holiday accommodation in two modern apartments (suitable for 2-4 people) and five guest rooms (for 1-2 people). We stayed in the “Imperial” apartment, with a lovely wooden terrace overlooking Lake Lucerne and Pilatus. Only coffee and tea are available in the morning, but the apartments are equipped with a kitchenette and there are many lovely restaurants nearby (especially the one at Seeburg Hotel – we tried their autumn menu and it was delicious!). The farm also has a small bio-shop right by the lake, offering local organic produce in case you opt for home-cooked meals.

The farm is great for families, is pet-friendly and reachable by public transport.

What can you expect there?

Just a few ideas to explore:
– harvest the grapes/ fruit if you are staying in season;
– try the wine they produce: Seeburghof is the first vineyard in the city of Lucerne with both grape varieties: Solaris and Johanniter;
– feed/ pet the cattle and learn more about the breed;
– go for a lovely walk up the hill and then down to the lake – the area is really calm and scenic. The weather wasn’t best during our visit, but we enjoyed our surroundings despite the rain.
– and if you crave adventure: take a ferry on Lake Lucerne, hike up to Rigi or Pilatus, discover other charming towns on the shores of the lake. The possibilities are endless, as the farm is located perfectly for those who want to experience the calmness of the farm, mountains, lake or busy city life (as Lucerne’s old town is just minutes away).

Who should consider a farm stay?

I highly recommend to try this type of vacation at least once. Especially if:
– you want to experience the more idyllic, rustic side of Switzerland and enjoy a “nature-based” lifestyle;
– you’re curious about life on a farm (that’s me – I’m a born&raised city girl and I find farm life incredibly interesting), as you are close to the farmers and can take part in daily farm work, harvesting the fruit/ help with animals and so on, depending on which stay you book;
– you want to create unforgettable memories with your family. The farms are very family-friendly and offer a wide range of activities: fancy riding a tractor or riding a horse? I’m sure it will be possible!
– you are a wine lover – when staying overnight in a vineyard (just like at Seeburghof), you can walk among the vines, help harvest the grapes if you stay in season or simply try the wine and learn more about the grape varieties and wine-making process.

Benefits of staying on a farm:

– you’ll have the opportunity to practice the art of slow living, disconnect, be present and relax out in the green
– it’s affordable – of course depending on the type of a farm stay you book – as they range from very simple (sleeping on straw) to more luxurious. In both cases – you pay less than for staying at a hotel, and often views and the experience overall is way better.
– it’s sustainable and ecological – surrounded in nature, you get to try local, organic food and wine

How to book?

It’s really easy! Go to and find the type of a stay that you’d enjoy the most. Aside from sleeping in the vineyard, you can also book an alpine hut, a tipi or even sleep alfresco.

You can find the property we stayed at here: Seeburghof Lucerne. Simply send a booking request or call the property directly. You’ll find all the info on the website.

Hope you guys found this post useful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask here or send me an email. And if you do decide to stay at Seeburghof Lucerne, let me know!

This post was written in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism. All opinions are authentically my own.


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