ARTour – an exhibition you must visit!

Discover Basel in a new way this summer – together with the ARTour.

The ARTour – a project developed as an art commitment by Roche, as part of its 125th anniversary together with the House of Electronic Arts in Basel and Basel Tourism. It’s an exhibition connecting digital and the real world, bringing art to life in a new and innovative way. The exhibition includes ten augmented reality artworks that can be discovered through the ARTour app.

How it works?
The app can be downloaded free of charge (available for iOS and Android). The interactive map shows you where the artworks are located and provides background information about the works and the artists. You can bring the artwork to life through your smartphone’s camera. The artworks are digital objects and can be viewed from all sides – and some of them are interactive. You can find more info about the artworks HERE.

What’s cool about it?
– It’s free! – the app is free of charge and it costs you nothing to take a pleasant stroll in the city center + discover interesting artworks along the way.
– No time commitment – the full tour takes approx 90 minutes, but if you don’t have enough time – you can just visit the individual artworks. And if you have a full day – you can make it an Art Day and visit some of the museums in the city too – they are all marked and described on the ARTour app’s map.
– The app allows you to take pictures and videos – of which you can make unique Basel postcards or just pose together with the artworks itself.
– It’s a fun way to discover the city – makes you feel like a tourist or a newbie all over again even if you lived here for awhile.

Wanna take a break?
Since you can do the tour at your own leisure – it’s nice to have a break and enjoy a treat. A list of three places that I love and that you can find along the way.
1. Kaffemobil Mitte – a coffee truck located right by the Rhine, across the Münster – good coffee, sweet pastries, all served with the best Grossbasel views.
2. Gabri’s Pasta – perfect for an Italian gelato break.
3. Konditorei Gilgen – my favourite spot for pastries and bread. If you’re bringing company – get a Russenzopf to share – you won’t regret it!

Hope you guys find this blogpost useful and I’ll take you on a trip of the ARTour soon! If you go and explore, don’t forget to share your impressions with me! You’ll find more info about the ARTour HERE.

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Roche Schweiz. All opinions are authentically my own.


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